Where We Are

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Got Heart has over 200 community partners around the Philippines – from Abra to South Cotabato.

Got Heart Foundation continues to work with different communities, helping them improve and promote their products, implement development initiatives, or sustain their livelihood projects. We don’t limit ourselves to what we can do. If the project requires very specific expertise,we find individuals or groups equipped with the right kind of knowledge and skills who will willingly work with us to impact social change.

We want to be an instrument in mobilizing all our resources in a systematic way. To do so, we believe that investing in people is very important. We want to spark hope in them, so they too can believe in what they can do and not on what they cannot do.

“Our attempts to finding lasting pleasure, lasting security, are at odds with the fact that we’re part of a dynamic system in which everything and everyone is in process.” -Pema Chodron